What people are saying about Sylvia

Thanks for giving up your time to our team. You were amazing and every woman
should have the opportunity to be inspired by you.

Alana James
The Sunflower Fund
January 2019

A huge thank you for making today a resounding success, your support is highly appreciated. We look forward to many more!

Antoinette Prophy
88 Business Collective (PTY) Ltd
Founder and Managing Director
November 2017

Her sessions are interesting, informative and entertaining, as she uses humour in a way that allows people to identify with different situations and to remember key concepts. She has the great ability to make her audience feel at ease whilst at the same time, challenging their beliefs and attitudes around money. With her natural and easy style, she makes financial planning and investing something one actually looks forward to doing!
It’s always a real pleasure to listen to Sylvia Walker speak on this subject.

Helga Smit
Cape Chamber of Commerce
December 2017

Sylvia took us on a profound journey to understand our connection to money which was a very insightful and learning opportunity.  Her knowledge on this topic is unquestionably extensive.  Sylvia’s style of facilitation is inclusive, extremely enlightening and useful.

Kym Jackson
Symphonia Leadership Development (Pty) Ltd
Business Development and Marketing Manager
August 2018

By the looks on the audience faces to the shift in posture in their seats, it was evident that Sylvia’s talk surely shifted minds.

It is a no-nonsense, straight talk and no quick fix approach that gave practical ways to get rid of debt, stay out of debt and create wealth.

Thank you Sylvia for aligning and contextualising your talk that shared insight into money matters of the Single Parent.

Ronelle Steenekamp
SOULO Single Mothers
May 2018

As part of Cape Town City Libraries Library Week Programme, we at Southfield Library hosted an author talk. We invited Sylvia Walker to come and speak about her life journey and how she came to write Smart Woman. The talk was polished, professional and excellently presented to an attentive audience. She brought copies of her books along and signed copies for those who bought books from her.

We at Southfield Library are very grateful that she took time out of her busy schedule to come and speak at our function.

Ann Pappas
Southfield Library
April 2018

I had the pleasure of hosting Sylvia Walker at our Hyde Park Store, Luminance, for the launch of her latest book, smartwoman. When I met her for the first time, I was struck by her passion and deep seated beliefs around her area expertise. She speaks from the heart and has a genuine desire to inspire and empower people to create financial freedom and independence for themselves.

Understanding the difference between smart and not so smart financial decisions and one’s individual money personality and subsequent relationship with money, provides valuable food for thought, sparking healthy discussion and debate long after one has listened to Sylvia speak. She questions what we believe and challenges us to find a new better way with our money.
The evening was a resounding success and the ladies queued up to buy their own copy of smartwoman. It is a great honour to be associated with this book and with Sylvia as a speaker.

Dr Judy Dlamini
Mbekani Group
Executive Chairman
October 2017

I had the honour of attending Sylvia’s talk and acknowledge her wise insights about financial health. Nothing onerous, scary or difficult to understand. No matter what you earn, it’s what you do with it. Sylvia unpacks easy and simple ways to start your financial health journey. Following many of Sylvia’s Money/financial articles which I found in many magazines over the years has set me on a path of conscious saving and a clear plan to “pay myself first”!!!

Virginia Styer
The Sunflower Fund
Partnership Manager
February 2019

Sylvia hosted a series of workshops “Money Matters” at our Head Office as an employee assistance training to equip staff to make informed decisions about their money. The series of workshops covered finding our own attitude to money, debt, retirement and investing. It was a pleasure working with Sylvia, she was an engaging workshop facilitator and the feedback from the staff who have attended has been very positive.

Helen Behm
Spinnaker Software
HR Manager
December 2017

Since I started working with Sylvia I have learnt so much about finances. It’s all about how simply she can make it all sound and the patience she has while doing so. Professional and accessible, she goes the extra mile.

Abongile Nzelenzele
Early Breakfast Host: Cape Talk
Public Speaker, Marketing & Sales Manager, Entrepreneur
October 2017

I have worked with Sylvia on several occasions; she is a master of her craft and has the gift to shift mindsets about money in a way that is relatable, humorous and impactful. She also contributed to a chapter on ‘Own your Finances’ in my book, Own Your Space: The Toolkit for the Working Woman. Sylvia is incredibly thorough in her work, passionate and professional to work with.

Lori Milner
Beyond the Dress
Director , author, speaker and trainer
June 2017

I had the privilege of listening to Sylvia’s talk at the Cape Chamber event earlier this year. I found it to be very informative, interesting and easy to listen to. I am looking forward to hearing more of her in future events.

Sonnike Gerber
Fluidity Software Solutions
Project Manager
November 2017

Money Speaks Only One Language: “If you save me Today, I will save you tomorrow” We finish school, go to college and start a career without really knowing the importance of money as well as handling our finances. I wish that I could’ve had the opportunity to attend Sylvia’s sessions when I started with my career. This really would’ve had a great impact on the way that I see money from an earlier stage in my life. But.. It is never too late! Sylvia sessions are really informative and by attending these sessions I was able to identify where I am going wrong when it comes to spending my money as well as focusing on retirement. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone that is earning a salary. Because at the end of the day, Money Does Matter! Thank You Sylvia

Charl van Tonder
Spinnaker software
Data Analysist
November 2017

“Smartwoman” is very well written and insightful. A great read for Finance professionals and clients alike. As a Financial Planner in the industry, I recommend this book to all my clients!

Sade Simon McCann
Educator / Psychologist
July 2018

As an MBA and previous Business Management lecturer I have read a fair share of business related books. I found Sylvia Walker’s “Smart Woman: How to Gain Financial Independence and Create Wealth”, insightful yet easy to read. I actually finished the book in two days as I couldn’t put it down. It is uniquely written from a South African context and the broad-based approach to personal finance makes it a great read for anyone (men included).

Lise-Mari Maartens
FinTech Innovations
Project Manager
June 2018

Sylvia is an incredibly talented speaker who is passionate about educating women on their financial needs. The audience loved her talks as she makes understanding all the financial jargon interesting and relatable to people’s lives.  Her honest, caring, warm approach really made me re-consider my financial planning.

Storm Hughes Mascall
Associated Media Publishing
December 2015

Whilst her audiences may change, two things about her never do: her up-to-date grasp of financial matters and a wonderful, infectious energy that she exudes as she imparts the knowledge to empower. She has the great ability to make her audience feel at ease whilst at the same time, challenges their attitudes and ideas. It’s always a real pleasure to listen to her speak.

Ingrid Roberts
Motivational Speaker
June 2016

Sylvia is a dynamic speaker and author, whose knowledge and expertise of financial and emotional empowerment is uplifting and enlightening.

Carmelle Suban
Old Mutual KZN
September 2016

Sylvia’s approach to financial wellness delivers a very heavy topic with a certain lightness and manages to empower while educating her audience.

Karabo Ramookho
Old Mutual
Marketing Manager
March 2015

Sylvia Walker has a fascinating ability to make a serious subject – personal financial planning – sound like something we really want to do, rather than something we really have to do.  She’s entertaining, humorous and delivers a clear, unequivocal message.

Phillida Ellis
Independent Newspapers KZN
Marketing Manager
July 2015