Get Real. Get Rid. Get Rich.

Get Real. Get Rid. Get Rich.

Stuck in a financial rut?  Maybe too much debt, too much retail therapy, too much of a people pleaser, too little money, or just not sure how to take control of it all? Financial freedom is within your grasp.  By changing your outlook, you can change your life.  Get real… get rid … and get rich…

Get real

Face your realities and stop living in a dream world.  Fake it till you make it is utter nonsense when it comes to money, unless you want to be the best dressed defendant in the insolvency court!  Know what’s coming in and what you are spending it on. A simple budget goes a long way towards understanding your financial priorities and making the right choices. Never spend more than you earn, It’s a recipe for disaster long term. You will end up having to sell things that you need, just to survive.

Spend some time thinking about goals and dreams that you have for your life. Some of these may have financial implications. Be realistic though – I have heard people say, “I’m going to retire at age 45” but they do little to make plans to get there.  Remember, a goal without a plan is just a pipe dream – good to have, but worth little at the end of the day. Goals must be realistic and achievable.

Get real – spend only what you earn, and make sure you save.  Your dream life is a reality just around the corner.

Get rid

So many of us walk around with heaps of baggage – whether its guilt because we are working or single mothers, issues from our childhood, guilt towards our parents, or other areas where we feel we need to compensate.  Some of us are just people pleasers – do whatever it takes to keep the people around us happy, often ignoring our own needs.

Spending excessive amounts of money on our children, ourselves, or other people may feel like a quick fix, but long term, does little to address the issues that rattle around in our heads.  We need to understand these, and seek professional help, if necessary.

A consequence of this, of course, is over compensating, or over spending, and this leads to other problems – you work hard, you earn good money, but feel that there’s little to show for it.

Ditch the guilt, the hatred, the regrets, the baggage.  What is done is done and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Tackle the challenge of balancing career, children and a social life, and try to find some equilibrium and make some time for yourself.  Set aside time to work on a plan to balance all aspects of your life. If your life is balanced, there is less guilt.

Realise that it’s not always about money. The richness of life comes from so many other aspects that we can offer to our fellow human beings – love, support, friendship to name but a few.

So get rid – excess baggage just weighs one down.  Remember: look forward – you cannot drive a car with your eyes permanently fixated on the rear view mirror.

Get rich

Rich is such a loaded word.  We all have different ideas as to what it is. Firstly, we think of it in the financial sense, but one can also be rich in other aspects of your life – your health is arguably your greatest form of wealth, your relationships with other human beings is part of your wealth, your spirituality and feeling of self actualization, all form part of what we consider our wealth, or richness of life.

The financial aspect runs through all of this. Money is an enabler – it doesn’t make you happy to have lots of it, but rather, having enough of it allows you to do things that make you happy. The old cliché “money is a means to an end” is exactly that.

So how do we “get rich”?  Face our financial realities, stop wasting money on unnecessary material things (such as salving our feelings of guilt), and set realistic savings goals.  Instill the discipline of paying yourself first – before you pay anyone else, you pay yourself first, like you would with any other creditor.

Then you have to beat inflation! Inflation erodes the buying power of your money every year, so your investment must at least keep up with inflation or grow at a higher percentage, for you to get make money.  Investment options range from a bank account (which will not deliver good long term returns) to equities (which deliver excellent long term returns).  It’s a minefield, and professional advice is critical. A trained financial adviser or broker will be able to direct you to an appropriate investment

When it comes to getting rich, the recipe is simple. You must invest:

  • over a period of time so you benefit from compound interest
  • in an inflation beating investment
  • with a reputable company that will not disappear with your savings overnight

Three easy steps – get real, get rid and get rich – that will put you on the path to financial freedom and open up vistas for your life

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  1. Hi Sylvia
    Lovely article and lovely book I read it.

    Would you be able to advise me with a good financial adviser that my husband and I can visit.
    It can be an individual like yourself or a company.

    I did a google search and I am not sure how to choose a financial adviser to begin with.
    I need someone I can trust and not someone who will sell me products from their preferred investment company for their own personal gain of commission without helping choose the best competitive rates for my future.

    Someone who will look at all the investment companies and then help me make the best choice for my lifestyle and goals. I need a long term partnership.

    After reading your book I realized all the mistake I made in my 20s I want to do better in my 30s and have a stable financial portfolio by the time my husband and I have kids.

    Thanks again for all your work in this sector it is really needed by us women. I have taken the liberty of bringing your book as a present to every bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party and Christmas prezzie for my female friends and family.


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