“Smartwoman is forthright, honest and compassionate, and explains how we can take charge of our hard-earned money and build a purposeful relationship with it.” Professor Shirley Zinn.

“Without fantasy or frills, Sylvia Walker tells it like it is in her latest non-fiction book, Smartwoman. With a strong writer’s voice built on years of experience, Walker unearths the ins and outs of finance and how women can — and should — take control of their financial well-being.” Carmen Coetzee,

“I love the concept of creating a designer life, not a life filled with designer stuff. Sylvia gives you the tools to do just that.” Maya Fischer French, Maya on Money.

“Though this book is called Smartwoman, it is relevant to both men and women. The book shares nuggets of wisdom at different milestones in one’s life. Practical tools shared in this book make it a valuable handbook for a holistic life of purpose.” Dr Judy Dlamini.


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It’s always great to talk about money, whether it’s on TV, radio or in print media. I’ve reached vast audiences over the years offering insights around how to practically manage one’s money, make smart decisions when it comes to spending and investing for success.

Apart from regular radio interviews, I was the resident financial guru on Cape Talk’s Early Breakfast Show every Friday morning from 2016 to 2020. I have been the guest financial expert on TV numerous times.


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Smart Women - Step into your financial power

Maya Fisher-French and Sylvia Walker, Author and Financial Planner, Andrew Prior Consultants, provide practical steps to reclaim your financial power, grow your wealth and create your designer life.

What I do

As a bestselling author, I know the value of good information. Whether it’s in the area of true crime, or being able to rise to life’s many financial challenges, practical, accurate information is worth its weight in gold.

I write about money on a freelance basis for magazines and selected websites, and have written several non-fiction books, including smartwoman, a book for women about money and growing their wealth. One of the other books I co-authored, Steeped in Blood, was shortlisted for the Alan Paton Award in 2011. I have also produced a number of books for corporate clients, providing a turnkey service including research, writing and publishing.

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and encouraging people to own their money and their financial futures. I have addressed thousands of people across South Africa and Namibia over the years, and women, in particular, are close to my heart.

I am also an independent financial planner, providing my clients with the tools to chart their financial futures, whether its investment planning, retirement planning or protecting their assets and income. Life changes all the time, and with a flexible, dynamic financial plan in place, the future is secure.

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Going it alone

Around 60% of South African children have absent fathers and more than 40% of South African mothers are single parents, far higher than in many other parts of the developed world. Being a single mother (or parent) can be a tall order both from an emotional and financial perspective. I shed some light on the specific financial challenges, and how to overcome them and thrive in this special family situation.

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