Financial Planning

Money doesn’t live in isolation to the rest of our lives. In fact, life is about living, and money is merely a facilitator to ensure that we live our best lives possible. Financial planning is a structured approach that allows us to protect our income and lifestyles today, while preparing ourselves for tomorrow.

Many people do not consider the fact that their income buys their lifestyle, and that this needs to be protected, until they have built up enough assets to see them through, no matter what life throw at them. This includes providing cover against disability cover, severe or critical illness cover as well as retrenchment and life cover.

Looking towards the future we all need to invest for many different reasons, whether it’s for specific shorter term goals, such as a fabulous holiday, or for a longer term goal, such as children’s education or retirement.

My financial planning process starts with a full 360 degree analysis of your financial situation, leading to a financial plan structured around your lifestyle.

In terms of product solutions, I am qualified to advise on local and well as offshore investment options, and am an independent financial planner, not aligned to any one financial services company.

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